Yapa – Share Mental Wellness: Best app to share your emotions & feelings

Yapa-Connect Share you emotions

A first social app for mental health. Share with friends what your mood is like and what you are feeling. Sharing emotions and feelings cannot be easier than this!

Send and read Yaps. Share your feelings with everyone at any time. Yapa® is a unique social app that is created with the intention of improving one’s mental health and well-being. With Yapa you will not only be able to connect with friends, meet new people, but the app is a social network platform that provides for social networking as well as emotion sharing. Join the Social Conversation with Yapa®- it is a Free app that’s available for iOS. Yapa’s social chat enables you to share with friends what your mood is like. Chat with friends anytime or anywhere.

‘The future of social media’, friends sharing and ‘Everyone will be downloading Yapa’ have been stated for a reason. Share your feelings with your friends or anyone else. It’s a friend sharing app. Social conversation for sharing your feelings and emotions. Connect with friends and share your mood. It’s an easy social app for mental health. Share with friends your feelings and emotions. Sharing feelings through chat with friends in Yapa app. This is the best social media platform that cares about the user’s mental wellness while encouraging emotion sharing.

Yapa Features:

– In this social network, send Yaps dependent on your mood

Yapa - Chat
Express Your Mood

– Connect with friends and your contacts

Connect With Yapa
Connect With You Friends in Yapa

– Chat with friends

Chat in yapa
Chat inYapa

– Searching option in this social media app

– Emotion sharing & social chat platform

A noteworthy feature of this app is that unlike other social apps, Yapa doesn’t allow the users to share any photos or like anything and it doesn’t show a follower count. These features make this app unique and take it a step closer to its aim of creating a social networking platform for improving mental wellness and emotional wellness.

Meet new people because Yapa is a brilliant social networking app wherein the yaps that you send last for 72 hours and you also have the option of setting the background color according to your mood. Are you feeling good or excited? Send a Yap! Are you feeling sad or anxious? Send an app! Send a Yap for mental health and emotion sharing! You can simply connect with your closest of friends, or your friends and well-known celebrities in this social network! It’s up to you. Enjoy this social conversation and connect with friends in this chatting app. Sharing emotion in an easy way.

It’s good to Yap and shares your feelings. Don’t forget it’s a social app for mental health. Your emotional wellness matters and we at Yapa understand this.



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