Top Rated Android Endless Running Games 2018

Top Rated Endless Runner Games for Android 2018

Top Rated Endless Runner Games for Android 2018

These endless runner games are great to pass the time you can pass hours with a blink of an eye endless running games were popular when subway surfers and temple run, the minion rush came into the market with simple game-play collecting coins and escaping from enemies.

All are now behind battle royale games and fps’s like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. But still, the developers are making endless runner games.

Here are our top endless runner games for mobile. Our list contains all new level android running games.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is one of the best offline running game, altos is an endless snowboarding game. Just simple one-touch control and a lot of effects like amazing weather change like rain, storm’s, snowfall and beautiful environment where every run is awesome.

The player performs stunts like backflips and 360s and players must take decisions quickly to score high and not to get out.

It is like a journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness through neighboring villages ancient woodlands and long-abandoned ruins.

I found this weird in the video game that when we outwit the mountain elders the elder follows us and will be out if we are not able to escape. You can nowhere able to escape unless you’re a pro gamer. I thought of a review or a bug report to the developer. They have also released endless snowboarding odyssey.

Developed by Noodle Cake Studio.

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Android |IOS

Run or Die – Fun Retro Running Game

Run or die fun retro running game is a paced endless runner game that focuses on movement based abilities. It has different game modes. Very quick game-play, players must make decisions in the blink of an eye to survive. Experienced mobile gamers will love this game’s challenges because it’s all about speed so watch out rooftops leap over terrifying and runaway llamas grind rooftops to rescue runaway llamas grind. It has a Day & Night Cycle.

No internet connection required to play. A lot of different power-ups available in the game and with 3 different characters and hazardous city environment and terrifying chasms and outwit.  I feel like playing jetpack joyride and sonic dash in the ’90s but the player should react quickly in order to survive. The beautiful pixel art will give you unexpected experience and fun. Unfortunately, it’s a paid game.

Developed By Team Flow

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Android |IOS

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Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash game is a first-person endless runner game with awesome graphics and animations. Especially those glitch transitions when the game begins were awesome and lab to save flow of the game. It is available for android google play and apple app store.

This game is our Game of the Week in November 2018. This endless runner is an epic time killer for mobile gamers who want to pass the time playing simple casual mobile games. It one of the best running game from rogue games. Glitch Dash has in-app purchases to buy the premium version of that game and to unlock some cool themes and modes.

Developed By Rouge Games Inc

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Hello Yogurt

Hello Yogurt is an educational runner game which will be played in a human digestive system. You have a story for this game before the game begins it tell you the story by an artwork.

The game has 35+ levels and with different game characters up to 70 characters and 70 awesome themes. It is a new level in android running games. It’s more of a jumping game. Embark on an endless game and leap over terrifying chasms.

Developed By LoadComplete

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Android |IOS

Snail Ride

Welcome to the world of snail ride. In this macro world of snail, the player needs to switch between the sides. Tap the screen to switch side, collect bubbles and dodge insects to survive with your slimy snail. It is a turn-based game where you turn 2 sides. Watch out on both side and keep an eye and react quickly.

This is an editor’s choice game in google play store. In our list of games for an android endless runner, it will stand 5th.

Developed By bloop Games

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Android | IOS

Reasons To Play These Top-Rated Endless Runner’s for Android

  • Simple Control
  • Great Time Killer
  • No need of loading game for a longer time to play.
  • Offline Games No Internet Required
  • No Minimum Requirements to Play.
  • Battery Can Be Saved by playing low-end graphics games.
  • Some of them are google play editors’ choice


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