Tips To Obtain a Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner In PUBG Mobile

How To Win Chicken Dinner In PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile is arguably the hottest mobile game at the moment. While the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was initially launched for PC, the high cost of the game (Rs. 999) and high system requirements meant that PUBG was not very popular among Indian gamers. But everything changed when PUBG was launched for mobile, that too free of cost, so that anyone with a decent smartphone can download and experience the true battle royale game.

Strategy to win Chicken Dinner In PUBG Mobile


Now, because a lot of people play PUBG Mobile, it is quite difficult for many to get a chicken dinner as one needs a combination of good skills and good luck to win. While luck is unpredictable, skills can be obtained through practice, and by following the tips given below, there is a high chance to obtain a chicken dinner:

Land Far From Flight Path

Flight Jump In PUBG MobileAlmost 90% of PUBG players drop in areas that fall in the flight path or immediately nearby. So unless you are feeling confident about yourself or have mad skills, I suggest you avoid the main areas that fall nearby, and choose a distant location as far as possible, but not too far that you fail to reach there.

Collect Enough Medications

PUBG MedicationThere is nothing like getting shot at and surviving, but then realizing that you don’t have medications. Always make sure to have: 3 First Aid Kits, 10 Bandages, 4 Energy Drinks, 3 Painkillers, 2 Adeline Syringes and as many MedKits as possible. Always heal as soon as your health gets down, and keep your life bar filled at all times.

Peek and Fire

There is a peek option for you to comfortably fire from behind cover while hiding your body. This makes it difficult for the enemy to be able to shoot you, even more, difficult if you are far away from the enemy.

Use Single Shot Mode for Enemies Far Away

Most players get hold of a sniper or DMR fairly quickly in the game. But if for some reason, you are still stuck with an AR with no sniper, then switch to a single shot mode for long distance shots for precise aiming.

Choose Your Ideal Weapon Combos

PUBG Mobile Guns Best Weapons I recommend you to master any two or three guns in the game to improve your efficiency. For example, there are players who are pros with AKM, but there are many who can’t handle its recoil. Always keep experimenting with guns to see which one suits your playing style better. For example, my ideal weapon combination is UZI and M16A4 with the 4x scope.

Choose Flash Hiders and Suppressors over Compensator for Sniping

If you use AR or DMR or a bolt action sniper, then it is highly advised to have a flash hider or suppressor in order to keep yourself well hidden. No matter where you hide if your gun gives out muzzle flash, the enemy can easily know your location, making the entire point of hiding basically useless.

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Share With Teammates

PUBG Mobile Health Kit, First Aid Kid, Energy Drink,

 If you are playing in Duo or Squad, always make a point to share extra loot with teammates to have the best chance of winning. If you have extra medications or extra scopes, but your teammate has none, you should share some. Who knows, your generosity might result in your teammate helping you get a chicken dinner!

Proper Communication

Voice Chat in PUBG Mobile

Every chicken dinner winning squad has one basic aspect: they communicate. They tell each other where the enemies are, they warn others of danger, they speak to each other via mic and create strategies and plans. A good team is one that communicates effectively. I recommend you to play with your friends rather than with random people for better communication, and always keep that mic active!

Crouch, Crouch and Prone

 The key to surviving as long as possible lies in the fact that you have to keep yourself well hidden from others. Always crouch when possible, so that your footsteps don’t show up in enemies’ maps. And when you reach the last few minutes of the game, always keep yourself prone and well hidden, and use the eye icon to look around while keeping yourself perfectly still.

Pick Up Those Frags and Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenade Frag Grenade

Always pick up the frags and smoke grenades whenever possible. Frags are very useful to knock down nearby enemies while staying hidden, especially those enemies who camp. Always look out for the sound of a pin being dropped, for this means someone pulled out a grenade nearby, and run away from the spot, crouching. Smoke grenades are incredibly useful for reviving the knocked down teammates safely.


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