Clash of Clans: Battle Royale Style Season Challenges Update

SuperCell’s Clash of clans has still been famous. Now clash of clans is with a very good update. In this update the game is going to have the battle Royale kind seasonal challenges in this game. They have also released two tiers of passes. These passes are needed to play the game. Here silver pass […]

Work In A Billion $ Mobile Game Company Supercell

Supercell’s brand new game Brawl Stars an awesome multiplayer game for mobile devices. These game developers are in search of 3D Character Artist for their latest mobile game Brawl Stars. As part of the team, you will work closely with the concept and other 3D artists to bring new exciting characters to our global audience. […]

Brawl Stars Android [Awesome-Game-Play + Review]

Supercell’s new multiplayer battle game was released for the Android platform. It was initially released for ios in June 2017. Android players have to pre-register to download it first. It hit 1 Million downloads in 1 Day on its launch in android. Global launch was successful and as per sensor tower report, it earned revenue […]

Brawl Stars Global Release On Android Hit’s 1 Million Downloads

Supercell’s Brawl Star’s Global Release date 12th December 2018 which was notified on the youtube stream of Supercell. Brawl Star’s is a multiplayer battle game where you can battle with your friend or solo with bots it has a lot of different game modes which can be played under 3 minutes. Supercell is a well […]