A Complete Guide on How to become a video game designer

Thoughts that come to our mind when we hear about a video game or video game designing or game development. What is video game designing? What is the role of video game designer? How is game designer different from a game developer? And finally, How can you become a video game designer? Let’s answer these […]

PUBG PMSC 2018 Advertisement on PUBG Mobile Game-Play Erangel Map

PUBG PMSC 2018 Dubai is being advertised on PUBG: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game in Yasnaya Polyana location in Erangel Map Classic Mode. We have heard about the PMSC (PUBG Mobile Star Challenged) Dubai by Samsung Note 9 2018 top prize worth $6,00,000 dollars to the top PUBG Squad. Also Read: PUBG PMSC 2018 So PUBG has […]

Getting started with Unity 3D for 2D mobile game development

We have started with setting up Unity 3D for game development in the previous post. Now that we’re ready with software, let’s get started on how to create a simple 2D game in Unity 3D. There will be a series of posts regarding this in future. So stay tuned! Now let’s get to the work and […]