Review: City Fighter Vs Street Gang – The Mobile Urban Fighting Game

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City Fighter Vs Street Gang is one of the best fighting game for mobile. This game has earlier been a video game for ps. It has been the stimulating fight game until now developed by aryasgames.

 GAMEPLAY- City Fighter Vs Street Gang

This game gives the user a character who needs to fight with all the other gangsters in the game. The tree can even unlock a few other characters by using the orange points he gets in the game.

Player has to fight with enemies while on his path. In addition player will be awarded with the points.

    You can even select the level of difficulty by easy, normal, hard and insane in the increasing order. There are levels in each mode. You can even upgrade your powers by using the orange points.  


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     This game has very good controls as you get to have two static joysticks for the control. One is to move the player sideways, front and back. One is for grab, jump, kick and punch.

You just need to click the action you wanted and that works. The directions make the player get convenient to the enemy he has got.

     The controls are really fabulous and easy use. You can have a good experience through it. If you break the obstacles(boxes) you can find weapons in them, you can pick them up and fight your opponent.

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The amazing LowPoly art of the game is fabulous and every player will like them. The animations of the player and the actions performed during the fight are great to watch them.

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The game has also charactered very unique to each other and the design of all features in the game are very good.


This game can have a no ads subscription for just $1.

Best thing is you play offline.

A simple floating joystick to control the player to move fro and here.
We can even buy orange points by paying real money. We can even level up the weapon usage power, health, etc of the character by these points.

The game gives the user a real fight experience with a good sound system which made it very popular these days.

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City Figther Vs Street Gang Android

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