PUBG Vikendi Snow Map CG Announcement Trailer PS4 Official Launch

PUBG PS4 Launch Trailer and Buy Now Vikendi Snow Map Update for PS$

Introducing Vikendi: A brand new map wreathed in the snow. Winter has come to PUBG and you’ll need to adapt if you want to survive.

Play Vikendi starting tonight on PC Test Server! Launches on PC Live Server Dec. 19 and in January for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Winter is coming. There were leaks about this snow map since Royal Pass Season 4 but it comes with PS 4 release.

Check out the PS4 Trailer Official Launch

What happens when you drop into a desert surrounded by enemies? You Loot, Fight, and Swing a pan to the top in PUBG for PS4!

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PUBG Vikendi Snow Map will available for all the platforms in January 2019. It will be tested in PC tonight.

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