PUBG Mobile Season 4 is here Release Date

pubg season 4 is here pubg mobile gameplay pubg metal rain pubg rain

PUBG Mobile Season 4 with 0.9.5 update is here

The season 4 will come with these updates.

New Weapon M762

New vehicle Scooter

Sanhok Random Weather System(PUBG Metal Rain, Snow Map)

Royal Pass New Season 4 -21th

New Weapon M762 is a versatile assault rifle. Modern Polish assault rifle. Ammo 7.62mm with magazine size 30 and extended magazine 40.

Here is the PUBG Mobile gameplay of New Weapon M762 Assault rifle

The M672 can be replaced in place of AKM. Because of its stability in burst mode when enemies are near. Weapons are more important in this game to take over the opponent, so choose the best weapon you possibly can.

All New Scooter in PUBG Mobile

A lot of vehicles you see in this game and the PUBG season 4 brings you different Vehicle Scooter with 2 different colors. These look awesome! by the way.

PUBG Season 4 New Vechicle PUBG Video PUBG Metal Rain PUBG game play scooter

There is a trailer from Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds YouTube channel. Introduction to scooter in PUBG Mobile Sanhok map…

Sanhok Random  Weather system(Rain, Metal Rain, Snow map)

PUBG rain PUBG Metal rain PUBG video shows snow in sanhok map PUBG GamePlay

You can see snow all around, In PUBG Mobile Season 4 a new map with snowfall it would be difficult for the players in the game to drive vehicles. In this gameplay, it looks like sanhok. Because sanhok has the dynamic weather system it may rain and we also have the PUBG gameplay of metal rain.

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Check out the PUBG Video

[wpvideo XxboWDcD]

The video show’s rain in boot camp sanhok map. Metal rain in the game-play gives players a whole new experience of playing the game.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 4

In this Season 4 update 0.9.5, the PUBG royal pass season 4 offers new finishers, new outfits, also new character faces and awesome hairstyles. It also adds mission cards. The pack may be discounted during Black Friday. Players expect some new free outfits in PUBG Royal Pass Season 4.

The PUBG Season 4 will get updated on 20th Nov 2018. And also good news for PUBG Mobile Players there no server maintenance time. So play seamlessly.

pubg season 4 snow map PUBG Mobile Now!

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