PUBG Mobile Gun Attachments: A Detailed Analysis



Every PUBG player rushes to upgrade their guns to the maximum for better performance, so that they can get by those last rounds without a hitch. But more than half of the players have little to no idea about what other attachments do, except the compensator, flash hider and suppressor, which are pretty much self-explanatory. 


Today, I’ll provide you a detailed analysis of what those countless gun attachments mean, and how exactly do they improve your favorite gun, and which attachments are better for single shots and which are better for automatic spraying of bullets. I will skip on the scope comparisons, because even the newest players to the game know that the higher the scope, the better!


The various Grips Available in PUBG

 Gun grips are one of the most overlooked aspects of this game, and for a good reason. You are too busy to simply choose a favorite, and will probably attach any compatible grip that you come across. The real fact is that every grip has a different function, and they all improve their own special aspect of the gun. 

  • Vertical Grip: This particular grip reduces vertical recoil (up-down movement of gun when firing) by nearly 85%, making it perfect for both close-medium range combats in ARs and long distance sniping on DMRs. It is useful for guns that have high horizontal recoil such as SKS and M416.
  • Angled Grip: This grip reduces horizontal recoil by nearly 80% and also increases the speed of ADS (aiming down the sight), which is perfect for use in close combat SMG’s that are bullet-spraying machines such as Vector and UMP-9.
  • Light Grip: This grip decreases the after-shot sway and helps the gun to quickly recover. It is perfect if you are used to rapidly landing bullets on enemies in single shot mode.
  • Half Grip: Half grip is a complete all-rounder. Reducing recoils, bullet sprays, faster ADS, this grip does it all, except long distance sniping. If you use your gun for sniping, use any other grip mentioned above except this one. For all other purposes, this grip is perfect.
  • Thumb Grip: This one is also an all-rounder, but is is specifically advised to use this grip only for close combats, as it has a significantly faster ADS speed, enabling you to toggle between scopes and hip-fire in an instant.


There are only three muzzles, and their functions are as follows:

  • Compensator: It is used to reduce recoil and is perfect for equipping in AR and DMR guns if you plan to use those for long distance shots.
  • Flash Hider: The most common of them all, these simply hide the flash from your gun, making it harder for enemies to spot you if you shoot at them from a far distance.
  • Suppressor: The holy grail of muzzles in the game, these are a must use if you have a sniper. For all other guns, these are optional. It silences your gun along with removing muzzle flash and makes it harder for you to spot if you are well-hidden while shooting at an enemy

Gun Stocks:

Gun stocks are the last phase of your gun mods, which improve the overall performance of the gun. If used in addition with grips, it will decrease your recoils and make it easier for guns to land bullets. Stocks however, are limited to only a few guns, and each gun has their own stocks.

  • Tactical Stock: It is available only for Vector and M416. It decreases the recoil and helps the gun recover faster after shooting, allowing the gun to pump out bullets with minimal sway.
  • Stock: This one appears as a long wire, and is for UZI SMG gun. It decreases the recoil of UZI and make it more stable, allowing you to spray bullets on a guy without any bullet wastage.
  • Bullet Loop: Available for Kar98k and Win94 only, this attachment reduces the gun sway and reduces the time taken to reload the gun.
  • Cheekpad: A must use stock for any kind of sniper rifle, it decreases the vertical recoil and bullet spray, allowing you to precisely land a head-shot from a long distance.
  • Bullet Loops, Chokes and Duckbill: If you are the shotgun guy, use these attachments in your shotgun as they increase shooting speed and reduce bullet spray, allowing you to land precise shots in close combat situations.


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