PUBG Mobile Ban In Nepal

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In Nepal, the most popular game pubg has been banned. The addition of youth towards the game and aggression has become very Problematic in Nepal these days. This made the Nepal officials decide to ban it in their country.

The authorities ordered all the mobile operators to block the streaming of this game and made strict rules in prohibiting those laws.

Pubg has been very famous and the most played the game in the last year and been very addicted to its players. The youth and children seem to be most affected by this game. This game is basically a battle game wherein each player needs to battle up with the enemies can make groups with their friends and the one who is left killing all the enemies is the winner.

Pubg’s gameplay has been very attractive and grasped each and every individual into it and made them get addicted to it. So the parents of the children are very much stressed and concerned about the game as the children don’t concentrate on their studies due to this game.

The NTA( Nepal telecommunications authority) ordered all of Nepal’s internet service providers (ISPs) and the mobile operators and even the network service providers to ban the streaming of that game from now in their country and also stated that violating this is not tolerated.  

NTA deputy director Sandip Adhikari states that “PUBG is addictive to children and teenagers” and they have become so irregular and are not doing their work properly and are not focusing on their studies, even the parents of those children are very much worried about this issue and the schools also are complaining about this.

They also say that the children are getting to be aggressive feeling the game to be real and are getting the impact on their real life which makes very harmful. psychiatrists even believes this and suggest not to play the game.

Off course, few disagree this and states that video games have never been such harmful and never makes the user so aggressive.

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