Pick Me Up Mobile Game Review(Android & iOS)

Pick Me up Android & ios game review


It has become the trending game now. The game is developed by tasty pill in 2019.

It is launched on both the platforms ie., both Android and iOS.

Though the game hasn’t got much popular at the start now it has been among the trending games in AppStore.

Basically, this game is to make us get a feel of a share cab driver and the way he needs to drive to earn his income. This is kind of racing and of course in a different way.

The player picks up and drop at their destination.

Player win’s more money if he drops faster.

This money is what you need to earn and need in this game.


The game has got a map of the city randomly they choose according to the level you play.

Pick Me Up Mobile Game Review

The map is mostly just the way the real map of the city may look like and where you are going to pick the passenger on the location and drop him back on his destination mentioned.

    Here you are going to have the roads with other cars and vehicles passing you by and you need to not crash them and even we have curvy roads and train routes in the middle which makes you feel it just like in real world.

       Indicator symbols which tells us the road we need to choose and go. But of course the choice of the road is automatic and we don’t have the control of it.

      When the player drops off all the given passengers to their destination then the level ends and the next one starts.

       You can buy cars with the money you earned. This game is now in version 1.5 with new improvements in gameplay.


          This game has got very smooth control. The player has to just tap and hold to drive the car.

The more pressure you give on holding accelerates the car. Releasing the tap gives break to the car.

pickmeup from tasty pill taxi game

          These controls make us play the game freely and the control of the car becomes so easy. There is no control in taking the roads and they are all predefined automatically.  

The player must take care that he doesn’t crash on to any vehicle.


           The graphics in this game looks so neat and classic. The roads and the map makes us feel like the real map of the city even showing us the other nearby locations and landmarks.


This makes us feel so real and also the design of vehicles is so premium that we can randomly unlock any car with 1000 rupees.

pick me up ios game review

             Also We have Train tracks that are designed so exact that the way the vehicles move and get rotated with gravitation makes us feel so true and real.


A Feature in this game where you can get 3 cool and expensive cars to play the game and even ads free.

Earn extra 250$ as bonus every.

This one has got a 3-day trial too. The subscription costs about $5.99 per week.


     We can even have a direct NO ADD subscription for the game wherein you don’t get any kind of ads in the game. This subscription costs about $3.5 which is kind of cool.

What made people love the game?

Pick Me Up has the map which makes the player feel so real and the curvy roads and the vehicles passing on makes the player feel the game so cool and exciting.

As the game difficulty also increases level by level and new routes make the player feel every level so new and fresh. This game also has a few train routes and some new route designs which makes the game very fascinating.



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