PUBG Mobile tweets and congratulates the most liked player of the year. Recently the battle royale game has successfully completed their 1st anniversary.

The event celebration is done in partnership with AlanWalker and has a lot of goodies related to AlanWalker.

Dyrtnassti is the most liked player last year in PUBG Mobile.

Indie: Mobile Game Development (2019 Beginners Guide + Powerful Tips)

You’re at the right place if you want to know about Indie Mobile Game Development. At the end of the article you’ll know how to start make a indie mobile game for android or ios.

What You’ll Learn?

Learn About Indie Mobile Game Development 2019
  • What are the Indie Games?
  • How to develop an Indie Mobile Game?
  • Is it worth to be an Indie game developer?
  • Powerful Tips to Publish your independent mobile game?

What are Indie or Independent games?

Mobile gaming has rapid growth in recent years. Various game developers and top gaming companies are willing to dominate the mobile game industry. Like Ketchapp was bought by Ubisoft. Many of us played Ketchapp games this studio was bought by the giant gaming company Ubisoft.

Small teams or solo independent developer without any fame or financial support developing games are known to be independent game developers(Indie). These developers will take a long time to develop a single game depending on the design goal.

Developers found that publishing the game was easy with the stores like PlayStation Network, Steam, Xbox Live, Nintendo eShop. For Android, it is even more simple just create a Google Developer Account, for ios  Apple Developer Program.

How to develop an Indie Mobile Game?

Choose whether you want to develop the game as a solo or a team. Teaming up will help you divide work and assign dedicated work to each.

Jeff Bezos said, “ If you can’t feed a team with 2 Pizzas it’s too large.”

Steps To Start Game Development:

  • Idea
  • Prototype
  • Design
  • Code
  • Build


How to get bet mobile game ideas

As a small team, it is better to start with simple 2D game concepts with simple controls. Tips to get mobile game ideas is play popular games on android and ios in casual category.

Spend a lot of time playing then find out how they are made and how the controls are and all that menu UI and how the concept is implemented.


Prototype you mobile game

Once you get the idea start to work on it. Whether you can build your exact idea of what you’re assuming. If your concept is possible to build and easy to play. Then you can proceed successfully to design step.


Mobile Game Design

For the 2D game, design tools are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape. These design tools are easy to learn, we recommend to use illustrator compared to other it provides Vector graphics, not pixel which will helpful to scale and compress. Divide your design workflow accordingly

  • UI – Text, Menu Icons.
  • Game Objects – Characters, Obstacles, Environment.
  • Backgrounds- Game Backgrounds.

Remember you should not miss the harmony while designing your assets.

Video game developer should be able to develop a fair game-play design not too hard or too easy to play.


Unity C# Code for Mobile Games

Here, you need to select the “best mobile game development tool” it’s better to use multi-platform supported software like unity, unreal engine, Corona SDK. Unity 3D game engine is recommended to use.

Also Read: How to install Unity 3D Complete Setup?

Whether you’re an iPhone game developer or android unity is the to best write once and build for 27 platforms.

The programming language used is C#( C Sharp). Easily you learn from unity API Scripting documentation. As you code, you can check the real-time changes in your mobile using unity remote app in your mobile.

Coding for Mobile Games Indie Unity

Also Read: Get Started With Unity Mobile Game Development.

You’ll need to import the assets designed using adobe illustrator and just drag and drop those required game objects into your game scene and if you want to perform an action or an event to that object just add a script component and write the code.


The final step in development is building you game for targeted platform i.e., android, ios, Nintendo switch, windows phone, blackberry os. For Android Mobile Game Development you just need windows pc but for ios, you should have a Mac device.

Using unity you can build and run the game to your connected device. If you want to publish build you have to create a keystore a unique key is generated to upload it to the play store.

Is it worth to be an Indie game developer?

It depends on the individual interests but for people who want to earn money with mobile game development read this…

is it worth developing indie mobile games

As per App Annie, the mobile game market is going to increase by 274% by 2020. Ios game development and Android are the ones a gamedeveloper should start with. According to Sensor Tower and App, Annie ios gets more revenue for their developers when compared to Android.

To be a successful indie game developer you should able to give time a minimum of 3 yrs. You won’t see a million downloads for you 1st game it’s hard. You should ready to fail for your first 10 games.

“Angry Birds was Rovio’s 51st Game”

Be patient and don’t’ expect results too soon and get disappointed. It’s worth if you give up your 9-5 job and ready to work as an indie for 2-3 yrs. It’s worth and will work if you don’t give up until you get 1 Million downloads.

If you’re are really passionate about game development, just jump into this and build a team start working.

Powerful Tips To Publish Your 1st Indie Mobile Game!

Best Tips to Publish you Mobile Game get upto 100k downloads

Your Indiegame will get attention if you follow these powerful tips for publishing your mobile game.

A Developer Website, most of the top indie games have a website for their game. You should have one.

The game maker should publish their indie game in the following stores excluding Google Play Store and App Store.

  1. Amazon Appstore
  2. SlideME
  3. 1Mobile Market
  4. Mobile9
  5. Opera Mobile Store
  6. Mobango
  7. F-droid
  8. GetJar

These are the alternative mobile app markets to publish your game and also free to signup and publish.

Uploading your indie mobile game in these stores will you give a lot of exposure to the mobile game. Once you have done, then approach different gaming blogs like Pocketgamer, Droidgamers, game bucket, touch arcade, stubbornmobilegaming. These mobile game news blogs will publish content of your game if they like it.

Approaching blog will help you a lot because they have a lot of social media following too. Next big thing is youtube review approach different mobile gaming review or phone review youtube channels and then ask them to review your game.

What is Google Stadia ? The future of Cloud Gaming.

The future of Gaming is not a box. it’s a place.

Stadia for Gamers.

Hello! Google has announced its new Cloud Gaming Platform Google Stadia and Stadia Controller during Google Developer Conference 2019.

Ok, What is Stadia ?

Let’s start with the word “Stadia” is plural for stadium. So, this explains that Google Stadia will be a place where many people join together to play or watch live stream.

Stadia comes with a stadia controller which let’s you play any game on any device

How Stadia Controller works ?

Stadia controller is just like a normal game controller but it has features like Google Voice Assistant and a capture button.

Stadia uses WiFi to connect across all the devices which runs chrome and Youtube.

And yes! Stadia works the same way as youtube works.

here’s the difference Youtube streams videos to viewers all over the world, and stadia streams games and lets you play live on any platform.

Whether it is TV, Desktop, Laptop or even mobile, you can play any game at any time with a single button click. Without compromising in graphics and performance even in full HDR or 4K.

If you are watching a game in youtube and you want to play or you want to join a game with the streamer who’s is streaming live.

You will be sent into a game lobby with a single button click and you’ll be placed in the game along with the streamer whom you want to play with .

Just like Thanos in Avenger’s infinity war he snaps his finger😨.

And everything wipes out😈😈 and does whatever he want with his infinity gauntlet.

In the similar way you just tap a button and in around five seconds you are in the game which you want to play😆😆.

The only difference here is Thanos Snaps and wipes what ever he thinks is waste.

But here you tap and play and you do this for fun or whatever your concerns are.

Don’t sue me comparing “you” with Thanos the bad guy. But he won in infinity war right 😁😜

that’s it Feeling Amazing right !!!

So, How this is possible anyway ?

Cloud Gaming. Yes Cloud Gaming, Everything you play on your device is installed in a cloud servers.

Don’t worry about low latency or any processing delay.

google has built many data centers all over the world. These let’s the games run smoothly.

These games directly streams in your devices you choose to play with.

You will always play latest version of the game since the game is in the cloud it will be updated on the go.

Are there any games ready to play ?

Currently there are three games in the Que. But you can’t play them yet.

the release date is still need to be declared.

One is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey developed and published by Ubisoft Quebec and Ubisoft

this game is even used for testing Stadia during development at 1080p.

The next game is Doom Eternal which is developed by id Softwares it is an first person shooter game.

And the third game is in development by Q-Games it’s using a state share future.

however, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal are planning to release in 4K resolution, 60 frames per second with complete HDR support.

Limit less Battle Royale games

Our present Battle royale games let’s us play around 100 players at once.

but with the support of Stadia’s Cloud Gaming Technology it is possible to play Thousand players at once in a game without any Lag or glitch problems.

If google able to spread stadia all over the world this would change the way we play games.

When Stadia Launching and what it’s price ?

Good news is Stadia is launching at the end of 2019. Yes it’s launching this year but not everywhere.

Currently google planning to launch Stadia in US, UK, Canada and some parts of Europe.

Ohh, price ? Google has not yet released Stadia controller price or about subscriptions details for connecting to Cloud gaming servers to. for now price and other specification data has not officially released.

And who is the man behind all this ?

None other then Phil Harrison….

Phil Harrison is vice president and General Manager of google leading stadia project.

Previously Phil worked as a Corporate vice president, British Corporate Executive and a representative director for Microsoft, Sony Entertainment inc and Sony Entertainment Europe.

There are many other people behind him but still need to be discovered.

Google Stadia for Developers

Till now you know that Stadia is game controller but it’s not.

It is a platform where you can play any game which can be directly streamed from Googles Cloud Servers.

Google is now started developing games for stadia platform in the name of Stadia games and Entertainment and Jade Raymond as Executive in charge.

You can also be a part in the Stadia Games and Entertainment as a partner or develop side by side

If you want to apply for stadia partnership go through the link Click on the apply button.

They are distributing Stadia game development kits in this Summer.

How to develop a game for stadia platform.

Google has partnered with unreal engine and AMD for developing games that runs on stadia platform. you can develop your own game for stadia but you need to wait for stadia support in Unreal Engine.

Can I develop for Stadia with Unity 3D.

Yes, you can develop for stadia from unity just like others Stadia is a IL2CPP platform so you need to be sure that runtime game code must compatible with IL2CPP to run on stadia platform

Wait. Not yet.

Google is planning to give developer access to stadia throughout 2019. So, you can start developing your very first stadia project by the end of the year if you have developer access.

As soon as you get accessed to stadia you can start building for stadia by simply targeting stadia as a platform in your Game Engine.

How to port my existing game to Stadia from Unity

Good news you can even port your existing game to Stadia but you need to wait for Unity’s latest Update to support stadia.

But before porting you need to consider that Stadia works on Linux Operating System and uses Vulkan Graphics system.

What is Stadia’s Style Transfer ML

During Stadia announcement we were introduced with new Style Transfer Machine Learning.

It is a method of transferring a drawing into 3D rendered game art.

If you look at the above GIF which is published on, The drawing in the corner has been rendered in real time and streamed directly to the screen.

below code used by the stadia developing team to create a rendering system like above.

separable_conv2d(3x3 kernel, depth 32, stride 2)
separable_conv2d(3x3 kernel, depth 64, stride 2)
15 x residual_block(3x3 kernel, depth 64)
transpose_separable_conv2d(3x3 kernel, depth 32, stride 2)
transpose_separable_conv2d(3x3 kernel, depth 3, stride 2)

Stadia’s style transfer model architecture


Google is not the first to introduce in cloud gaming there are some other companies tried cloud gaming like Gaming anywhere(Open Source),Gai kai, onLive, Project xCloud by Microsoft etc,.

For now nothing is going to change. But with the announcement of Stadia we are not so far🚀 to play games like the movie 🔰Ready player one🔰.

have any doubts, did I miss anything or anything wrongly told above, please let me know in the comment section 👇👇.


PUBG Mobile has successfully completed 1yr being the best mobile of the year 2018 and most played mobile game in the world.

Now its time celebrate the success. It’s going to be with Alan Walker(On My Way).

You can listen to the theme song ON MY WAY right now in your game.

(Harry Potter: Wizards Unite)Another Augmented Reality Game From Makers of Pokemon Go

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

From the Creators of Pokemon Go, another mobile game is yet to release.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an upcoming augmented reality (AR) real-world game inspired by the Wizarding World that puts the magic in the hands of players worldwide. Co-published and co-developed by Niantic, Inc. and WB Games San Francisco, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is part of Portkey Games, the games label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video game experiences that place the player at the center of their own adventure, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Available on Play store


Pre-register today, and be the first to know when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launches.

Learn more at

Google Play Store

Brighten your Mood with Light-It Up Mobile Game

Light-It-Up  -Android and iOS

Light-It-Up is a simple game developed and published by Crazy Labs by TabTale. The game suits for all ages to play. Especially if you have a lot of work stress and expecting some relief, this is your best choice for playing. Light-It Up has a very simple UI with minimum settings. This game already hit 5 Million Downloads.


Theme   –

The in game character you play as, is a stick man. You being played as a stick-man land on any rectangular or square shape as the player touches or interact with any of the objects they will glow in beautiful colors. So the goal is to make the objects fill and shine with colors. The game ends as you complete interacting with all the shapes in the game. During this the game has collectable stars randomly arranged you need to collect all the three stars to get maximum point and move to next level. Each level has only 3 stars and as you level up, the game gets harder and more challenging so its not that easy to collect all the three stars. You even encounter with spikes and other movable objects where you need to be very careful playing around them.

Light it up game play review post

Some shapes in the game have mobility. As you interact with the object they will move in a given direction or rotate on its own axis as in the above image. While the other shapes will move slightly from their rest position making the game more complicated to play. And some objects have spikes, yes already told you above, this spikes are lethal and if you land on them the game over.

Light-It Up will be played in portrait mode. For playing the Screen will divide into two sections left and right. If you tap on any section of the screen the stick man will flip | swing | slide | jump respectively but it is you who decide whether he jumps on a shape or fall into infinite oblivion so means if you miss any of the shapes while jumping you will fall into some nowhere and the game ends.

Skins –

And you know this game has more than 250 Levels to play. As you level up new skins available in the skins section. Skins make the game more interesting.skins in light-it up game android and ios

Ads –

Yes! the game has ads both banner and video ads. So, this might annoy you while playing or lag in between the game. If you don’t want to see ads you can opt out by paying a little amount or you can try disabling internet and WiFi that might work fine. Else if you want to support developers you can play as it is.

About TabTale –

TabTale is one of the top 10 Mobile Game Publisher as per AppAnnie. Also they recently reached 2 billion downloads. And their headquarters is located at Israel and has branches at USA, China, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.






A new season also means a brand new Battle Pass. Over 100 new exclusive rewards are ready for you to unlock, and it still costs the same 950 V-bucks.

Battle Royal Pass Season 8 Fortnite is Available Now

This season, you get the Blackheart and Hybrid progressive outfits instantly when you purchase the Battle Pass, both of which can level-up to unlock new styles.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.



  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Select Battle Royale
  3. Navigate to the Battle Pass Tab
  4. Purchase either the Battle Pass or the Battle Bundle

Block Master 2000 Indie Mobile Game

Grimanda, an Istanbul based indie game development studio launches its first game Block Master 2000. Block Master 2000 is a free play available on the AppStore, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.

Block Master 2000 is a great roll block puzzle on the platform that combines enjoyable game mechanics, shiny collectibles and challenging brain teasers. Experience this true classic with more features than ever!

There are 112 levels with carefully distributed challenges through eight different chapters and more are added biweekly. Block Master 2000 is easy to play. You can simply swipe on sides and move on the maze, enjoy the collectibles and mind the bad cells while trying to reach to finish in a limited number of moves. Finding the safe shortcut to bridges, stars and coins starts easy but builds to become a real brain teaser towards the final levels.


In each chapter, you have new gameplay mechanics to master to finish the mazes. As you go along, tutorials are available that clearly defines what to do with the new mechanics. You need to activate bridges by turning on switches and mind off-switches to keep your bridges open. Weak cells cracks if you stand on the vertical. And you need to evade the bombs on your path that costs you 10 moves for a single hit.


The game appeals to diverse puzzlers. It offers unlimited moves in store for those who want to enjoy the gameplay and have less drive for very hard levels. On the other hand, if you are a die-hard type, you can collect 25 stars in chapters to unlock expert levels and pull your hair out! If you are stuck at a level, you can watch pre-played solutions.


One of the best things about Block Master 2000 is that if you fall off the maze, you can continue from the last cell you were on. You do not have to start over each time. Contrary, if you want to play all levels over again because you could not collect all stars in one go; you are only limited with the time you have.

There are three types of collectibles in Block Master 2000. Bonus moves are simple collectibles but they are lifesavers when you are left with a few move count close to the finish and need a few more only. You can get extra moves by watching a video as well.


Stars enable you to unlock Expert levels and can climb the Leaderboard, Star Collectors League. And by collecting enough coins, you can choose from fancy Avatars and complete Block Collector achievements.  The game offers Daily Reward too, if lucky, giving out hundreds of coins, don’t miss out opening your reward daily!


The design of Block Master 2000 is very relaxing. It has nice small details and sparks that attracts your attention but never causes eye strain with too much glow. The game offers you a delightful experience in a comfortable atmosphere. You can focus on perfecting your gameplay in its neat design, accompanied by the smooth original soundtrack.

Block Master 2000 is available in 11 languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish and Russian.


Block Master 2000 is a challenging puzzle game on the platform to keep you entertained and engaged for hours. All you need to do is master your skills to become a Block Master!

Block master 2000 android game download




  • Simply swipe up and down, left and right to move the block on the platform
  • Choose your shiny Avatar block and start solving Puzzles!
  • Reach finish within a limited number of moves
  • Stay on the platform, don’t fall off
  • Activate bridges, collect Bonus Moves, beware of bombs and weak cells
  • Collect stars to unlock Expert Levels
  • Collect coins to get fancy Avatar blocks!
  • Don’t forget to open your Daily Reward for more coins!
  • Discover additional features throughout the journey!



  • Best ever roll block puzzle!
  • 112 Levels and 27 different Avatar Blocks and more coming soon
  • Bridges, Off switches, Weak cells, Bombs and more
  • Exciting gameplay mechanics for real challenges!
  • Smooth and delicate control
  • Colorful graphics and stunning Avatars
  • No time limits, play at your own pace
  • Unlock challenging Expert Levels
  • Unlock achievements
  • Wonderful original soundtracks
  • Solve puzzles, earn stars and climb the Leaderboards
  • Watch pre-played solutions




About Grimanda

Grimanda is an indie game development studio. The company’s first game in the air is a roll block puzzle classic. Block Master 2000 is available as a free download on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


– Facebook:

– Twitter:

– Instagram:




– Added Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, a new event mode that is here for a limited time only. Fight to survive as usual on Erangel, but zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2 will also spawn on the map! Kill them to get resources and items.

– Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.

– Added player Spaces, where player information and Connections are displayed. Select a friend with Synergy 400 or above as Partner to stand by your side in your Space!

– Added Pandemic Treasure event. Get your Resident Evil 2 outfits now!

– Added Anniversary Treasure event. Celebrate the game’s anniversary with all kinds of rare finishes!

– Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.

– Anniversary items are on sale while quantities last!

– Added Anniversary emotes, avatars and frames.

– Sanhok is now available in Arcade – Quick Match.

– Character image and Connections are now visible on the profile.

– Added new titles: “#1/100” (permanent) and “Survivor” (time-limited).


Other Improvements

– Some houses in Vikendi have been redesigned.

– SMG and Assault Rifles War Modes now start with double the ammo.

– Past results are now kept up to 1 month. Older data will be cleared.

– Fixed terrain display bugs for budget devices.

Download PUBG Mobile LITE APK.

Download PUBG Mobile.