Mobile Game Review: Match Up Picture iOS Only

Match Up Picture Ios Game Review

Match Up Picture iOs mobile game is an offline game and the user can have the facilities to share the app, shop etc.


This game is basically a puzzle game wherein the image is hidden in a few blocks and we need to guess the name of it and the image is revealed.

The player is given with few alphabets already revealed and we need to just find those missing alphabets and guess the image object.Here the user even can get the ads where in the player can remove them in 2 ways.

One by watching a video, the player can be ad free for 5 min and for all the time to be ad free then he needs to buy it.


There are few stages in the game to choose. The player can play his interested stage of game.

  1. warm up : basic stage of 13 puzzles where in they even calculate the time you have taken to complete each puzzle.
  2. Movie genre : this is based on the movies and all the stuff related to it. This has 16 puzzles to solve.
  3. The Big screen : it is actually locked and has 25 puzzles in it. It can be unlocked using 500 points you get through the game
  4. Tv series : based on the popular tv series every one could be quite interesting to everyone. It is locked and can be unlocked using 500 points and has 19 puzzles.

This game even have many more stages like

  • Super heroes : active now
  • Proverbs and sayings : need to unlock with 500 points
  • Music genres : active
  • Go outside : active  etc


   The game is seen in a image closed by some blocks hiding it.the image we get is high quality and it looks so impressive because of the arrangement of each words and objects in the screen.


  •  This game on giving the missing words will return you the correct alphabets even though the whole word we guessed was this it becomes very helpful for the player further.
  • The words used in this game aren’t casual. So it tricks the player brain so it makes him get interested and challenging towards the game.
  • We also get to know how many points you win for each puzzle.
  • There is even a hint telling you the category into which the puzzle image falls.

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