Mobile Game Review: Angry Birds Dream Blast Rovio

Dream Blast From Rovio Angry Birds Review
Angry Birds Dream Blast from Rovio is appointive for Best Sound style within the 2019 Game Audio Awards!
🏆 Take a glance behind the scenes into however Rovio’s audio team brought adjustive audio to the Angry Birds’ dreamy bubble-popping puzzle.


This game is the part of an angry birds game. It is developed by Rovio entertainments.

Rovio games are also combining with resolution games to develop angry Bird’s first AR game.

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This game is a simple bubble popping game with the color puzzles in it. This game has the colored balloons and they need to be popped to get the angry bird which helps in squashing the other balloons and complete the activity given. There are many levels in this game.


This game has the levels to play. Each level increases on completed the before one. The game basically has few bubbles to be popped to create angry birds which blast the bubbles all around

There is also the limit of moves to be followed to win the game. We need to complete the game within that time limit. The angry birds can be collaged together to create a bigger one created a bigger blast of bubbles.

Each level gets to increase the task and gets new add ons in the task.


The game has got good controls on touching the bubbles, they all get united and popped up and gets an angry bird.


The game is with the good graphical view wherein and music and all add a lot to the game. The view of the screen looks so classic. We even get cute acts of angry birds that make us feel very enthusiastic.


In this game, we even have challenging rounds with the time limit which makes the user play the game with excitement

We even can see the ad videos to get the Hearts and points if needed.

Every level gets to be harder and trickier making the player enthusiastic and interested in playing the game.



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