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Game development is one of the top industry in the world.

Everyone likes playing video games but some want’s to build them. But developing a video game is not an easy task it requires so much patience and knowledge to successfully build a game.

To learn game development it costs lot of money but if are already a student in any institution you can apply for unity student plan through GitHub education.

Unity in their student plan offers premium content from the makers of the unity from which you can learn game development with live environment and up to date content.

But If you are reading this post and game development is not your “thing” you can share with your friends who’s studying computer science or for those who shows more interest in technology and learning new things.

Remember you don’t need to be studying computer science degree to learn coding or game development all you need is patience and lot of commitment.

Continue reading for instructions on how to apply for Unity student plan.

Here we go.

Before you learn more about unity student plan you need to know about GitHub and GitHub education.


GitHub is a hosting platform for your software and it’s free to use. It works with a version control system called git.

For example, if you build an app or game and you want to host it somewhere where you can manage versions, bug tracking and collaborate with other team member or simply show case to the world github is for you.

Github stores software in repositories and you can manage it, you can create multiple branches or fork other people code.

And work on the same code individually without messing the original code.

You can also manage projects with github. Most of the opensource software is hosted on github.

If you think you need a website for your project Github also comes with github pages where you can host a simple static website for free. You can create unlimited repositories.

There is also a paid plan in GitHub where you can host your code privately and in the free version you can only host code publicly so which ever the project you hosted on github will be visible to everyone. If you want to show your self as a developer and show case your projects GitHub is for you. You can create a good portfolio with it.

GitHub Education Pack

GitHub with Github education provides many tools for students, teachers and schools. There are plenty of tools you can check.

With the tools in GitHub education you can also learn web development, free cloud accounts, analyzing tools, bug tracking tools and some other development tools and IDE’s.

You can also host your web site for free upto an year. get a free domain for an year.


You need to apply for Github education to register for unity student plan.

Before you apply for GitHub education You need an email address provided by your college which ends with .edu instead or .com

if you don’t have any such email don’t worry

you can provide any document that proves you are currently studying in a school, college, institution or homeschooling even a student pass may work with if it has some official signed or stamped on it. All you need to prove is that you are a student.

And as long as you are a student you’ll have something to prove it.

and you must be above 13 years old to apply for GitHub education pack.

If every thing is ready go to Step 1

Step 1: apply for github education pack.

Visit GitHub education pack official site.

You’ll see something like this.

Scroll down and press the blue button which says “get the pack”

it will redirect to GitHub user login page.

If you have github user account simply login with your email and password or register if you don’t have one.

after you successfully logged in you’ll see something like this

This is my application I edited some of it.

complete the form select student if you’re student.

then select your email the one which you logged in with.

If you have official college or school email which that ends with .edu domain use it email to create github user account.

If you don’t have any official email from your college you use gmail or any email address works and you provide a proper document proof.

I personally don’t have a .edu official college email address so I used gmail for my application.

Then select your email address. if you are doing with gmail or some other email you’ll see something like this.

Get your school ID card or academic transcript or affiliation/enrollment document almost anything that actually proves that you are a student and it needs to be official.

If you do this in mobile it’s easy for complete this process accessing camera is easy in mobile when compared to Destop/laptop.

press the camera button.

a dialog pops up requesting for camera permission press allow or if you are in desktop/laptop grant access to your web cam.

If you don’t have a web cam start your application on your phone.

submit your document.

After submitting your document. you need to answer “how do you plan to use github?”

write what you want to achieve with the tools offered by GitHub.

Keep it simple and what ever to write just write honestly that’s it.

try to write for atleast 50 words or more this may increase the chances faster approval.

write the name of your school in the last field and press Submit your information button.

You have to wait for verifying your account and approval. This might take one to two days sometimes it can take upto week.

Since there are lot of applications coming from around the world it will take some time to approve.

If everything goes right you’ll receive an email from github education saying education pack approved for you.

step 2: apply for unity student plan.

After you got approved for github education pack you’ll have access to the tools provided by github.

scroll until you see unity in the list just like in the image provided.

Click on the link which I rounded in red.

Your browser will redirect to unity store website.

press on the get access button. or scroll down you’ll see below instruction on the unity store website.

just press authorize button or activate button you’ll send to unity login page.

Login if you have unity ID or press “create one” link if you don’t have a unity ID

And remember to create account with email you used for applying github education pack.

after you confirm your email address you’ll redirect to login page.

Now login with the account you just created if everything goes correct you’ll see something like this.

you will be asked to authorize unity to access your github account. This is just to verify that you have github education pack approved.

Press Authorize Unity Technologies button.

That’s it you’ll redirect you unity website.

Congratulations you have successfully signed up for unity student plan.

So, how you going use it. Simple just scroll down in the same web page you’ll see instructions about how to download and start using unity and also you’ll receive an email on how to access your unity licence pro with access key.

Now You can directly go to unity premium learn page and start learning.


To become a successful game developer all you need is patience and commitment and nothing else.

Please share with those who need it. And you know the comment section is just below.

Thank you.

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