Infinity Blade trilogy removed from the app store

Infinity Blade Trilogy App Store Ios

The infinity blade series from epic games have been removed from the ios app store. But it was the biggest hit series on the app store.

Infinity Blade was the fastest-grossing app in the history of iOS games upon its release. It made 1.6 million dollars within 4 days, and over US$23 million by December 2011. It was appreciated by gaming critics. Reviews praised the amazing graphics and compared the mobile game favorably to the console games.

Featured Infinity Blade

Critics have also praised the swipe-based combat but had split opinions on the cyclical gameplay as either too addictive or repetitive in nature. Chair entertainment later released an arcade port and sequels to the series named: Infinity Blade II and  III.

Infinity Blade I Infinity Blade II Infinity Blade III Series

This infinity blade series has also won many gaming awards.

infinity blade removed from apple app store

No Response from App store, why app store hasn’t removed url yet. The Epic games store will release the infinity blade trilogy. Infinity blade knife in fortnite.



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