unity3d game engine to develop games for android mobile pc ps4 xbox and all other 27 platforms

how to download and install unity 3d full version

how to download and install unity 3d full version. Unity game engine is the most popular game development software available in the game development market. Unity game maker offer’s you to build unity 3d games, unity 2d games, multiplayer online games, ar games, VR games, and MR.

Unity software provides a wide range of gaming platform support up to 27 gaming platforms are supported by the unity game engine.

Unity game engine installation on pc step-by-step


–> Open your web browser(google chrome recommended)

–>Search for Unity 3d download as follows:



–> Click on the Download- Unity link

–>Or Click here



–>  Select Choose your unity+ download option because we need to download the unity installer and it will automatically download the latest version of unity game engine.

–> Unity hub provides you to select the required version of unity game engine.

–>Unity beta is only for development purpose might not be recommended for new game developers.



–> Select the Personal version of the unity game engine which is free to use and recommended for beginners.

–> When you make a game with Unity game engine and you have earned more than 100k dollars annually then you have to buy the premium version of unity software.



–>Accept the unity terms & conditions for downloading unity game engine and click on the Download Installer for windows.



–> If you have set automatically download files to a location then you can find your unity game engine installer file in downloads of your pc.

–> If not click save to specified location as shown.



–>Once the installer file is downloaded to the file location and double-click on the installer and allow the administrator to run the unity setup.

–> Click ‘Next’



–>Accept the unity terms of service license agreement.

–> And, then click ‘next’



–> Choose the components and platforms for which you want to make a game for like you can see android support, ios support, etc.

–> Select the required components and click ‘next’



–>Select the location where you want to install the unity software and store the temporary files.

–>then, click ‘next’



–>by clicking ‘next’ you start downloading the unity game engine software and another component’s that you have selected.

–> wait till the download complete. It depends on your internet speed.


Final Step:

–> If you have followed all the steps of the installation of unity game engine clearly then you might able to see the following screen. Don’t worry if failed to download unity because downloading unity is very simple and easy.

–> You can recheck the steps where you have done a mistake and correct it if you are still not able to download and install unity game engine leave the comment below. I’ll be very much thankful to help you guys’ out.



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