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Brawl Stars For Android Free Download

Supercell’s new multiplayer battle game was released for the Android platform. It was initially released for ios in June 2017. Android players have to pre-register to download it first. It hit 1 Million downloads in 1 Day on its launch in android. Global launch was successful and as per sensor tower report, it earned revenue over $15 Million.

Release Trailer of Brawl Stars

It was announced brawl stars launch on June 14th on their Youtube Channel. Then the game received a soft launch for few countries like Canada, Denmark, Finland, the next day. The game is free to play(with in-app-purchases) just like they predecessors clash of clans, clash royale, boom beach.

BrawlStars Game Review

Game Play

Brawl Stars For Android Free Download

Play the game with a lot of different game modes.

Gem Grab (3 V 3) In this you have to collect the gems and hold them by fighting with the opponent team. 3-Minute gameplay.

ShowDown (Solo/Duo) Kind of Survival battle royale style fight.

Bounty(3V3) Knowdown the Opponents to earn stars. The team with the highest number of stars wins!

Heist (3V3) Protect your team and find your way to enemies treasure.

Brawl Ball (3v3) Suits for Soccer lovers score 2 goals before the other team.

The game has got huge additive players with its 3-minute game. Mobile gaming has got a brand new addictive game “brawl stars android” with great gameplay and soundtracks. A new player might be in ambiguity because of no basic tutorials for the game. The weapon’s and characters choice were great!

Hold On, Team up with your friends wow!

But, You can win trophies, Play friendly matches for practice but you won’t receive reward trophies in that. The dead player spawns at the initial position rather than in the death location which will waster player’s time to reach out the enemies.

GamePlay Brawl Stars for ios and android

You have a Chat with your team or Club but just creating a team code!

As usual, gems to buy from the shop with REAL MONEY. Daily Awesome Events to Play. Choose your Brawler by only checking out the stats health, attack, damage. If you like the Brawler by appearance you can upgrade his health and all using the coins.


The controls of the game are just perfect!

Friendly Game or Team Up in Brawl Stars

Smooth controls with a simple touch joystick. The attacking button and special power button was managed well without a messing the other buttons and without disturbing the gameplay. The tap to attack was also good to attack enemies nearby. No Tutorials for Controls too!


A similar harmonic graphics as their previous games. Game development for their graphics could be something but supercell doesn’t want their audience to skip out of their traditional game graphics with new kind of animations or visual effects. They basically want to resemble their game with the graphics.

Trophy Road in brawl stars to win new brawlers

The game character design was quite good and appealing on the screen and smooth transitions in UI. Kind of Top View 3D game-play with awesome effects while attacking enemies or while re-spawning the player. The characters look very new kind of Cartoons. In the recent update added new snow theme to the main screen.


Super-cell’s games are quite interesting and addictive, especially for their audience. Google Play has also made some of their games as editor’s choice. It has got above average interestingness because of its quick shorter game sessions

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