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BlockMaster 2000

Grimanda, an Istanbul based indie game development studio launches its first game Block Master 2000. Block Master 2000 is a free play available on the AppStore, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.

Block Master 2000 is a great roll block puzzle on the platform that combines enjoyable game mechanics, shiny collectibles and challenging brain teasers. Experience this true classic with more features than ever!

There are 112 levels with carefully distributed challenges through eight different chapters and more are added biweekly. Block Master 2000 is easy to play. You can simply swipe on sides and move on the maze, enjoy the collectibles and mind the bad cells while trying to reach to finish in a limited number of moves. Finding the safe shortcut to bridges, stars and coins starts easy but builds to become a real brain teaser towards the final levels.


In each chapter, you have new gameplay mechanics to master to finish the mazes. As you go along, tutorials are available that clearly defines what to do with the new mechanics. You need to activate bridges by turning on switches and mind off-switches to keep your bridges open. Weak cells cracks if you stand on the vertical. And you need to evade the bombs on your path that costs you 10 moves for a single hit.


The game appeals to diverse puzzlers. It offers unlimited moves in store for those who want to enjoy the gameplay and have less drive for very hard levels. On the other hand, if you are a die-hard type, you can collect 25 stars in chapters to unlock expert levels and pull your hair out! If you are stuck at a level, you can watch pre-played solutions.


One of the best things about Block Master 2000 is that if you fall off the maze, you can continue from the last cell you were on. You do not have to start over each time. Contrary, if you want to play all levels over again because you could not collect all stars in one go; you are only limited with the time you have.

There are three types of collectibles in Block Master 2000. Bonus moves are simple collectibles but they are lifesavers when you are left with a few move count close to the finish and need a few more only. You can get extra moves by watching a video as well.


Stars enable you to unlock Expert levels and can climb the Leaderboard, Star Collectors League. And by collecting enough coins, you can choose from fancy Avatars and complete Block Collector achievements.  The game offers Daily Reward too, if lucky, giving out hundreds of coins, don’t miss out opening your reward daily!


The design of Block Master 2000 is very relaxing. It has nice small details and sparks that attracts your attention but never causes eye strain with too much glow. The game offers you a delightful experience in a comfortable atmosphere. You can focus on perfecting your gameplay in its neat design, accompanied by the smooth original soundtrack.

Block Master 2000 is available in 11 languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish and Russian.


Block Master 2000 is a challenging puzzle game on the platform to keep you entertained and engaged for hours. All you need to do is master your skills to become a Block Master!

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  • Simply swipe up and down, left and right to move the block on the platform
  • Choose your shiny Avatar block and start solving Puzzles!
  • Reach finish within a limited number of moves
  • Stay on the platform, don’t fall off
  • Activate bridges, collect Bonus Moves, beware of bombs and weak cells
  • Collect stars to unlock Expert Levels
  • Collect coins to get fancy Avatar blocks!
  • Don’t forget to open your Daily Reward for more coins!
  • Discover additional features throughout the journey!



  • Best ever roll block puzzle!
  • 112 Levels and 27 different Avatar Blocks and more coming soon
  • Bridges, Off switches, Weak cells, Bombs and more
  • Exciting gameplay mechanics for real challenges!
  • Smooth and delicate control
  • Colorful graphics and stunning Avatars
  • No time limits, play at your own pace
  • Unlock challenging Expert Levels
  • Unlock achievements
  • Wonderful original soundtracks
  • Solve puzzles, earn stars and climb the Leaderboards
  • Watch pre-played solutions




About Grimanda

Grimanda is an indie game development studio. The company’s first game in the air is a roll block puzzle classic. Block Master 2000 is available as a free download on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


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