Best List Of Rovio Mobile Games 2019

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Best of Rovio Mobile Games Till 2019. You should check out these games from Rovio.

Battle bay

It is a real-time multiplayer game wherein 5 players can play the game at a time. It is a battle game wherein the group of 5 battles with their opponents in the game in real time.

The battle takes place with the ship which needs to be customized by the user as they mess and battle with it. The waves are seen in the game. The ship needs to cut down the waves and sail the ship.

It has 8 maps to play the game based on your way to play it.

It is available for both Android and iOS.

Fruit nibblers

It is a basic bubble blast game wherein the fish characters are used. Coral is a character and his friends are all searching for the fruits which are used to be swiped and popped on having similar on a line and need to avoid the lizards that are obstacles here.

You are gonna get a nibbler on matching 4 or more similar fruits. You need to get the lizards off the game by matching the fruits near to it to kill them up and start the next one again.

It is available on both Android and iOS. You can even see the scores of your friends and can challenge them too in the game.


Angry birds

These series of games started in 2009 and still continues. These games have become so popular and biggie those days.  

We have got many games under its theme

Angry birds 2

Sequel to angry birds with more birdy thought and bigger version of gameplay.

Angry birds dream blast

Bubble popping game wherein puzzle solving is also seen. the bubbles need to blast to create the bird and blast them.

Complete Review Dream Blast

Angry birds match  

Based on the movie stuff. New hatchling characters are also seen in this game where you need to match them in this game.

Angry birds evolution

There we have 100 more different and new angry birds which are to be evolute. Need to set them in such a way to stop and defeat the piglets in the game.

Angry birds go

This a racing game in the piglet’s island. You can see a thrilling race between the birds and piglets. The one finishes the race wins the game.

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