Arcade V Stadia: Which is Future Of Gaming?

Apple arcade vs Google stadia:

Based on the recent announcement of google stadia, we can actually compare them and could say that the arcade is felt to be a bit more put together.

As you can subscribe for once on a single price and can get access to a lot of games which can be played across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac wherein you can’t see that feature in google stadia.
off course, we even see some disadvantages of Apple Arcade like :

The discoverability is very low in the App Store. We could not be able to find out games easily.

There can be many other premium games which may not have access to the arcade. Hence they don’t get proper attention of the user and gets the loss.

So the other premium games are left with no good market platform.


Cloud based gaming technology. That runs on all the platforms.

Google’s Product.

One of the world’s most powerful development platforms.

Launched (Developers can Apply to become Stadia Developer)


Subscription based and runs on all the devices.

World’s 1st game Subscription Service.

Will be launched later this year.

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