An Analysis of Top Loot Locations in Erangel Map in PUBG Mobile

Erangel Map Loot Location PUBG Mobile

Whenever you are playing PUBG Mobile in the Erangel map, Pochinki is by far the most popular area, and for a good reason. It has plenty of houses, plenty of covers, and is a good opportunity to rack in some kills provided you don’t get killed first.

Erangel Map Loot Location PUBG Mobile

Today, I will provide you details about the top loot locations in PUBG mobile, and why these should be on your checklist whenever you are thinking of choosing a good landing spot. Of course, the loot available is unpredictable, but you can be assured of getting a good loot, enough to obtain you a chicken dinner over the course of 30 minutes, whether you are playing via mobile or on the official PUBG emulator.

PUBG Mobile Guns in Erangel Map Location


It is undoubtedly the choice of at least 50% of the players dropping onto the map, especially if it is near the flight path. It is the most recognizable area in the entire map because of its classic arrangement and tons of hiding places.

  • Pros: Good for loots, has a lot of hiding places, excellent areas to camp, lots of enemies to kill and increase your K/D ratio.
  • Cons: You can die immediately if not careful which will affect your ratings, squad cooperation is important, ‘lone wolves’ will get killed within a minute, can be a headache if enemies land in the same house as you, you can face multiple squads together if you are unlucky.

Military Base:

It is a top choice for many players, because of the high-quality loots available. While there are buildings all around the area, the 3 brick buildings arranged in ‘U’ fashion contain the most high-quality loot. I personally have managed to obtain 4 flare guns in the same buildings in under a minute!

  • Pros: Great loot quality for an entire squad, high probability of flare guns in the 3 main buildings, perfect sniping spot if you get to the top of the huge antenna, wide area for better open views, unlike the crowded Pochinki.
  • Cons: High probability of getting killed if you fail to make it to the large buildings before enemy squads, getting caught out in the open is a big risk, will have to search for vehicles to get off the island if circle is far, danger of bridge-camping enemies waiting to attack anyone driving through the bridge.

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Mylta Power:

It is one of the most underrated areas and is almost always deserted because it is at the edge of the map. But it has high-quality loot, enough to fill an entire squad. Be sure to check this out if you are able to reach here. The huge main building has the richest loot, followed by the surrounding tiny shelters.

  • Pros: Top quality loot for an entire squad, with a high probability of one or two, flare guns at the very least, more loot can be found in the surrounding town with large number of houses, almost no chance of running into an enemy squad, the top of the huge building is a good sniping spot to kill off unintended players who drop in the area.
  • Cons: Firefights can erupt if another squad drops there as there are fewer areas to loot, can be a headache for those who have squad members who hoard loots and don’t share as it has a bit less loot, you almost always need a vehicle to get into the first circle as it is at the end of the map


This consists of the main school building and the surrounding 6 3-stored apartments. While there is sufficient loot, the quality of loot is not quite much and your squad will almost always ask to go to other areas to get quality loots such as 4x-6x-8x scopes and such. 

  • Pros: Lots of loot for an entire squad or two, good hiding places to camp and pick off enemies, the presence of Rhozok in the north-west side is convenient to search for more loot and more enemies to kill.
  • Cons: Expect to run into enemies almost every time you land here, low-quality loot, very low chance of flare gun spawns here, easy to get ambushed by hidden camped enemies, expect to get sniped by enemies from the nearby hill in the north that separates the school and Rozhok.

PUBG Mobile Supplies in Erangel Map

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Georgopool is the new Pochinki, possibly because it is almost as popular as Pochinki, if not more. You can always expect to run into at least 2-3 squads, even more, if it comes in the path of the plane. But it has top quality loot for an entire squad, provided you don’t get killed by someone else. The layout also makes it confusing, but you will be richly rewarded if you manage to survive.

  • Pros: High-quality loot, high possibility of flare guns, almost always falls inside the first circle even though it is located at the edge of the map, more loot available in the town on the other side of the bridge, good sniping spot at the top of the crane.
  • Cons: High probability of getting killed, no good hiding spots, climbing on top of crates exposes you to random bullets, can be very difficult to search for enemies due to the confusing layout.

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