PUBG PMSC 2018 Dubai is being advertised on PUBG: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game in Yasnaya Polyana location in Erangel Map Classic Mode. We have heard about the PMSC (PUBG Mobile Star Challenged) Dubai by Samsung Note 9 2018 top prize worth $6,00,000 dollars to the top PUBG Squad.

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Pubg Mobile Start Challenge in Dubai Festival Arean Official announcement trailer

So PUBG has recently advertised OPPO F9 using the parachutes. And Now they have started to advertise the PMSC for themselves. Have look at the Advertisement hoarding in PUBG Mobile.

PMSC 2018 Pubg Mobile

The location of that advertisement is Yasnaya Polyana Erangel Map. The advertisement can be seen easily by players. And here is Yasnaya Polyana for information to check out the advertisement.

Yasnaya Polyana Location Erengal Map PUBG Mobile Classic Mode

This is the location of the advertisement check it out look’s very real and amazing just like the live advertisement you see around. This type of advertising techniques can be implemented to generate revenue for PUBG.

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