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PUBG Mobile AKM Challenge

PUBG Mobile Challenge to win PUBG merchandise

There are lot of PUBG challenges now comes a new PUBG Mobile challenge which gives a chance to win PUBG merchandise. PUBG Mobile has tweeted about the challenge. To participate […]

PUBG For PS4 December 7th

PUBG Lands on PS4 December 7 Pre Order Available

It’s official  PUBG lands on PS4 December 7. PlayStation has twitted about it’s official launch of PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds game PUBG to PS4

Pubg Mobile Start Challenge in Dubai Festival Arean Official announcement trailer

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Official Announcement Trailer 2018

PMSC 2018 Official Announcement Trailer
PMSC(PUBG MOBILE START CHALLENGE) Grand Finals are coming in hot, and it is in #Dubai! Welcome to the final circle.

One0lus 6T Best Gaming Phone 2018
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Best gaming phone 2018: top mobile game performers

Our list of best gaming phone 2018 contains the top mobile gaming phones with best specs. Mobile gaming has grown rapidly in recent years coz the game-play is in detail as pc gaming.

fortnite nfl outfits twitter
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Fortnite NFL Outfits available in the Item Shop!

Fornite NFL Outfits are now available! Check them in the Item Shop!!!

Mobile gaming Bluetooth joystick helps you in more mobile gaming pubg

Mobile Gaming Accessories to Win in PUBG

PUBG Mobile Gaming Accessories to Win Chicken dinner! and make the gaming experience more immersive PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is being played in almost 200+ countries and has 20 Million daily active users.